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Left to starve, tigers throng human habitats in Bagerhat

  • Published at 03:49 pm January 22nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:51 pm January 22nd, 2018
Left to starve, tigers throng human habitats in Bagerhat
Royal Bengal Tigers from the Sundarbans are entering human settlements in Bagerhat's Sarankhola and Mongla frequently, and attacking cattle. In the last 11 days, tigers have killed two cows and one buffalo in separate attacks. Locals have said around 10 buffaloes belonging to one, Nabi Hossain, went missing when the cattle went grazing in the Sundarbans last Saturday. Later one of the buffaloes was found dead by Nabi. Last Tuesday, a cow died from a tiger attack near Burburia bridge in Mongla. Similar incidents of tiger attacks have been reported in Boiddomari, Burburia and Katakhali areas near the Sundarbans. People in Boiddomari village are afraid to go out after dusk due to the recent spate of tiger attacks. Earlier on January 11, a cow belonging to one Momin Uddin Munshi was killed by a tiger when it crossed over to the Sundarbans through Khorma river near Boiddomari bazar. Later, locals recovered the carcass of the dead cow. Chairman of Save the Sundarbans Foundation, Sheikh Faridul Islam explained the reason behind such attacks. “Due to climate change and global warming, food inside the forest is becoming scarce. Tigers from the Sundarbans are forced to enter human settlements in search of food. “Also, people are becoming more dependent on the Sundarbans than before, and are entering the place. The government should try to make the Sundarbans a sanctuary for the endangered species,” he said. Divisional Forest Officer of Sunderban East Mahmudul Hasan told the Dhaka Tribune that tigers are active in areas adjacent to the Sundarbans. “Cattle are using the river adjacent to the Sundarbans to enter the forest – while the tigers are crossing over the river,” he said. He also said people in the area are being warned not to allow their livestock to enter the Sundarbans. “In the future, we will file cases against cattle owners who let their animals graze into the Sundarbans,” he said.