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Watch: This is why household abuse is considered normal in Bangladesh

  • Published at 06:01 pm January 21st, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:33 pm January 22nd, 2018

A woman beaten viciously in public by her husband on Saturday had committed no other crime than to ask for money in order to buy food. The physical injury and gross public humiliation was wrought on 38-year-old Farida by Ibrahim, who lived in the house Farida and her three children had inherited. The incident took place at MC Bazar in Sreepur upazila, Gazipur. According to locals, Ibrahim married Farida for her property despite already being married. He then began pressuring Farida to sell off the house and the land. As Farida persistently refused, Ibrahim recently married for the third time and ceased to provide for Farida, prompting her to ask for money to buy food. Incensed by the request, Ibrahim began to thrash Farida, who fled the house but did not get far before her husband caught up to her. In full view of the public, Ibrahim hit his wife with a shoe and kicked her in the head, gut, and all over her body. Although nobody intervened directly, the whole incident was recorded by a passerby and uploaded on social media. Even as Farida pleaded and cried, nobody moved a muscle. The wretched man placed her on a rickshaw to take her home. Ibrahim later claimed his wife suffers from mental health problems and had set out from her house to commit suicide, which is why he resorted to violence to retrieve her. Following an outcry on social media, the police were mobilized to arrest Ibrahim. While Ibrahim remains on the run, his other wife Mouri Akhter, his mother-in-law Jamila Begum, and sister-in-laws Nasrin Akhter and Farzana Akhter have been detained by the police. They are set to be produced before a court on Sunday. Meanwhile, Farida filed a case with Sreepur police station against her husband, and named the four arrestees as his accomplices.