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Relatives say family of four found dead in Cox's Bazar was in financial hardship

  • Published at 06:49 pm January 18th, 2018
  • Last updated at 06:51 pm January 18th, 2018
Relatives say family of four found dead in Cox's Bazar was in financial hardship
According to relatives, all four members of the family who were found dead at their home in Goledighirpar of Cox's Bazar Sadar on Wednesday evening appeared to be normal at noon on the same day, although they were suffering from financial hardship. Police are yet to discover a specific reason behind the deaths. However, relatives of the family said the deceased were in debt and head of the family Sumon Chowdhury often held reservations against taking help from others. On Wednesday evening, Sumon's neighbour called the police after getting no response from the family's home. After arriving at the location, police broke down the door and found the bodies of the 35-year-old man, his wife Baby Chowdhury, 30, and their daughters Ankita Chowdhury, 11, and Joty Chowdhury, 3.
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Suman’s body was found hanging from the ceiling while those of his wife and daughters were lying on the floor. Cox's Bazar Sadar police station Officer-in-Charge Ranjit Kumar Barua on Wednesday said it is suspected that Sumon committed suicide after strangling his wife and children to death. Talking to the Dhaka Tribune on Thursday, Sumon's elder brother Amir Chowdhury said: “My brother was very sensitive in nature. He did not let any one know even if they (the family) were unfed. He left this world with that broken heart. His family was in hardship, but there was no scope for any one to sense it. “He was feeding his youngest daughter Joty outiside the home at noon on that day. I told him that it was not good to feed children outdoors. He entered the house at that time. All members of the family looked normal.” Sumon's eldest brother, Samir Chowdhury, said: “Sumon is the third of five brothers and one sister in the family. I do not understand why it happened so suddenly.” Samir also mentioned that Sumon used to run a departmental store owned by their mother in Goledighirpar. The store was sub-leased to another local two years ago, and its rent was the lone source of income for Sumon. “He was in financial hardship. I heard that he fell into debt because of that (the store). He left the world failing to repay loans, but we do not know who the debtors are,” Samir added. Shipra Dey, another relative of Sumon, said she had talked to him over the phone at around 2pm on Wednesday. “Sumon's sister-in-law was admitted to Dulahazra Hospital and he was asking about her. He seemed normal at that time.” OC Ranajit said the bodies had been sent to Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital for autopsy, and details could not be revealed without the autopsy report.