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CU student detained for playing the Blue Whale Challenge

  • Published at 09:20 pm October 11th, 2017
CU student detained for playing the Blue Whale Challenge
Chittagong police on Tuesday detained a youth for playing the Blue Whale Challenge. The detainee, Rajon (not his real name), is a freshman of the Department of History at Chittagong University and a resident of Suhrawardy Hall. He is from Rajbari district. Out of curiosity, Rajon clicked a link of the game which he found on his Facebook messenger at around 2am on October 5. The game was automatically downloaded to his phone immediately after he clicked on the link. He had completed four levels of the game. The first level required him to loiter at the university campus alone for a full night. At the second level, he was asked to walk on the railing of a roof. For the third level, he craved a picture of a whale on his arm with a sharp object. On the fourth level, he sat alone all day long as demanded by the “administrator”. The game requires the participant to complete 50 tasks over 50 days. On the other side of the finish line is death.
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Imran hossain, a senior student of the Suhrawardy Hall, noticed Rajon’s suspicious behaviour and immediately informed Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Chittagong (North) Moshiuddoula Reza. Following Reza’s order, Hathazari Circle ASP Abdullah al Masud detained Rajon. Chittagong police have confirmed that they started counseling Rajon after seizing his mobile phone. Rajon confessed to police that he was playing the game out of curiosity and claimed he did not have any other intentions. In a press release, Chittagong police called for awareness of the game to be raised among guardians, teachers, and politicians while requesting that anyone who sees suspicious activity by youths and children report it immediately. They also urged guardians of young children to be careful when letting them use electronic gadgets and the internet. According to Article 309 of the Bangladesh Penal Code, if a person attempts suicide he will be sentenced to a year jail, a monetary fine or both. Reportedly circulating on social media platforms, the Blue Whale Challenge is a twisted game that makes the participants kill themselves. Participants of the game are mostly from 12-22 years of age, as recent news reports have shown. When a participant joins the game, he or she is given “assignments” by an “administrator” or “curator.” These tasks range from waking up at odd hours to self-harm, eventually ending with the participant committing suicide. Since it originated in Russia in 2013, the game has led at least 130 children and teenagers to commit suicide in Russia alone, with many more suicides reported in Asia, North America, Europe, and South America.