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11 cobras found in Kushtia

  • Published at 11:23 am July 17th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:49 pm July 17th, 2017
11 cobras found in Kushtia
Eleven cobra snakes have been found from a house in Kushtia’s Mirpur upazila. The venomous snakes were found from Ariful Islam Rifa’s house in Sadarpur union’s Mochai Nagar village around 5pm on Sunday. Ariful said : "I arrived home at noon and saw two baby cobras moving around on the floor, after killing both the snakes I noticed another one." Being horrified by the presence of the cobras in the house,  he called a snake-charmer- Anwarul Islam who found eight more cobras after digging up the floor. “There can be more snakes in the premises,” the snake-charmer Anwarul suspected. This week a total of 116 cobra snakes were found from Kushtia’s Mirpur and Khoksha upazilas.
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Previously, on July 10, 28 cobras were found and killed inside a kitchen in Kushtia’s Mirpur upazila.
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On July 12, some 48 venomous cobra snakes were found inside a room of Asim Kumar Biswas house in the Chuniapara area of Khoksha upazila. On the same day 12 cobras were found in Mirpur upazila’s Malihad union. On Friday 16 baby cobras were found and killed in a house at Amla-Ghospara in Kustia’s Mirpur upazila.