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12 cobras found in a Satkhira shop

  • Published at 01:36 pm July 14th, 2017
12 cobras found in a Satkhira shop
Twelve cobras have been discovered at a shop in Satkhira’s Kolaroa upazila, four days after 76 snakes were found in two separate villages in the district. The venomous snakes were found at a fast food shop in Kazirhat Bazar around 9:30pm Thursday. Nizam Ali, owner of the shop, said he found a cobra inside a carton of biscuits and then 11 more came out one after another from different corners of the shop. Terrified Nizam along with the customers have beaten all the snakes to death.
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On the other hand, four more cobras were found from the same hole of Sadar upazila’s Sattar Khandar’s house, two days after 56 snakes were beaten to death on July 8. Twenty more cobras were found from a pit at the house of one Makbul Sardar of Beula village under Ashashuni upazila on the same day. Sources said Sattar’s family became homeless after they demolished the mud house out of fear that more snakes could be under the floor. Over 150 cobras were discovered and beaten to death in separate houses in Rajshahi district over the week.