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67 snakes found in Kushtia, Rajshahi

  • Published at 09:13 pm July 12th, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:17 pm July 12th, 2017
67 snakes found in Kushtia, Rajshahi
A total of 48 cobras have been found at a house in Khoksha of Kushtia over two consecutive days. Furthermore, 19 snakes were captured with traps from a house in Mohanpur of Rajshahi. On Wednesday July 12, venomous snakes were found inside a room of Asim Kumar Biswas house in the Chuniapara area of Khoksha upazila. Wasim, owner of the house, said: “I saw a snake on the floor at noon. We immediately called the local snake charmer Gafur Ali. After digging up the floor for almost an hour, we found 25.” The snake charmer Gafur said: “Asim used to worship the snake goddess Monsha. We think that is the reason behind the existence of the snakes.” The mud wall of the house was then destroyed and more snakes were found, leading to the total of 48. Meanwhile, in Mohanpur, 18 baby cobras and their mother were captured using traps from a house belonging to one Mainul Islam. Mainul said he set the traps to capture the mother on Tuesday night after the snake had previously escaped. All the captured snakes were later killed. Previously, on July 10, 28 cobras were found and killed inside a kitchen in Mirpur of Kushtia, and at least 18 baby cobras and 45 eggs were killed or destroyed in Rajshahi’s Tanore and Durgapur upazillas. Over 400 cobras have been killed nationwide over the last two and a half months.