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Woman burns 10-year-old domestic help in Feni

  • Published at 07:18 pm July 11th, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:43 pm July 11th, 2017
Woman burns 10-year-old domestic help in Feni
A woman in Feni was arrested early Tuesday for torturing and scorching the back of her 10-year-old domestic help. The victim, who has been rescued from Feni Railway Station where she was living after being kicked out of the house, told the emergency services about how she was brutalised. According to Rashed Khan Chowdhury, officer-in-charge of Feni Model Police Station, the employer, Afroza Begum, was arrested under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act for torturing the minor girl who was working at her house. The victim, who is in grievous condition, gave a statement to the police from a hospital bed. The police reported the girl had been employed by Afroza a few months ago. Sometime into her employment, Afroza begun torturing her, and at one point burned her back. Doctors treating the victim said the burns appear to be roughly three to four months old. Dr Ashim Kumar Saha told the Dhaka Tribune that the burns had been infected and the lack of medical treatment has severely hurt her. [caption id="attachment_74203" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Afroza Begum, the accused, being taken to court by Feni police on July 11, 2017 Dhaka Tribune Afroza Begum, the accused, being taken to court by Feni police on July 11, 2017 Dhaka Tribune[/caption] The statement further says that after the victim’s back was burned, she was sent to Dhaka to work at the house of Afroza’s sister-in-law. The Dhaka stint of the victim’s employment did not provide her with a reprieve, as the torture continued unabated. The victim was sent back to Feni to Afroza again, where she was tortured again and then kicked out of the house. Not knowing where to turn, the victim took up shelter at the local rail station, from where she was rescued on Saturday. The victim’s aunt, after contacted, filed a case against Afroza on Sunday. After the 10-year-old was taken to the hospital, the police collected her statement. When the police went to Afroza’s house to arrest her, they were able to corroborate the victim’s allegations with the statement of another domestic help at the household. The police took Afroza to the chief judicial magistrate’s court in Feni which sent her to prison on Tuesday. In her defence, Afroza had claimed that the burns on the victim’s back were caused by a tongue of flame scorching her back when the knob on the gas stove malfunctioned.