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Snake pit with 125 cobras found in a Rajshahi kitchen

  • Published at 02:22 pm July 7th, 2017
  • Last updated at 08:21 pm July 7th, 2017
Snake pit with 125 cobras found in a Rajshahi kitchen
At least 125 cobras have gathered in a kitchen in Rajshahi’s Tanore upazila, 48 hours after 27 snakes were found at another home in Rajshahi in the same area. A large number of these deadly snakes were found in the Bhadrakhand municipality at Akkas Ali's house on Thursday night, leaving his family too terrified to sleep at night. “My wife Hasna Bibi was about to prepare dinner.  I suddenly heard her screaming and rushed towards the kitchen,” Akkas said. “I spotted a large cobra coming out of a rat hole. I managed to kill the snake along with the help of my two sons, Hasibur Rahman and Azibur Rahman.”
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Akkas soon realised there were more cobras of various sizes coming out of the pit. As word got out, the trio were joined by locals and continued their mission. In a joint effort, they managed to kill all the snakes. Akkas said the snakes were one to one and a half feet long; few were smaller, as if they had just hatched. The extermination drive started from Thursday evening and continued until Friday 1am. “After digging out the rat hole, we recovered 13 snake eggs and immediately destroyed them,” Akkas added. On Tuesday, 27 king cobras were found at a home in Budhpara area of Rajshahi city, sparking widespread panic in the area.