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27 cobras found at a Rajshahi home

  • Published at 07:18 pm July 5th, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:10 pm July 7th, 2017
27 cobras found at a Rajshahi home
Twenty seven cobras have been found at a home in Budhpara area of Rajshahi town, sparking widespread panic in the area. The venomous snakes were found at the home of Majdar Hossain, a resident of the area, on Tuesday night. Hearing of the incident, people from nearby areas have been flocking to Majdar’s house since Wednesday morning to see the snakes. “We were watching television on Tuesday around 11pm and suddenly came across a cobra in the room. As we approached to kill the snake, it went into hiding behind a cupboard. When we started removing the cupboard, three more cobras came out of a hole,” Majdar told the Dhaka Tribune. “Hence, we recovered at total of 27 cobras from the hole one after another. All were beaten to death,” he added. The snakes might have taken sanctuary in the old house to escape summer heat waves, Majdar said. “Snakes are all over the house, striking fear into all of my family. This is because my wife and children no longer want to live in the house. Even, none is entering it out of fear,” he added. As most of the cobras are baby snakes and small in size, it is assumed that more snakes could be found there, causing Majder to look for charmers to remove the other snakes. A local, Saidur Rahman, said: “There have been many rat holes in the house’s earthen floor, where the snakes took shelter. Water was poured into the hole so snakes, if any, come out of them.”