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Raudha's father gets married in Rajshahi

  • Published at 09:53 pm June 8th, 2017
  • Last updated at 03:01 pm June 9th, 2017
Raudha's father gets married in Rajshahi
Dr Mohamed Athif came to Rajshahi seeking justice for the death of his daughter Raudha. Months have passed since her burial and subsequent investigations by the police, Detective Branch and CID. On Thursday afternoon, Dr Athif got married at a Rajshahi court. His marriage to Kanaklata, a 30-year-old woman living in Rajshahi city, was highly secretive as neither bride nor the groom responded to any queries.
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[caption id="attachment_68018" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The notarised marriage certificate of Dr Athif and Kanaklata Dhaka Tribune The notarised marriage certificate of Dr Athif and Kanaklata Dhaka Tribune[/caption] Kanaklata's family also refused to answer questions from the media regarding the sudden and secretive marriage.
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The couple registered their marriage in Rajshahi court, advocate Nurunnahar Lovely told the Dhaka Tribune. She said this was Kanaklata's second marriage. Her first husband passed away two years ago. She has a nine-year-old boy from her previous marriage. Dr Athif was first married to Aminath Muharrimath, the mother of Raudha Athif and two other children. They were divorced and Dr Athif remarried an Indian woman. The Dhaka Tribune could not confirm whether Dr Athif divorced his Indian wife, or asked for her consent for his newly-forged marital tie to Bangladesh. The marriage was completed following Muslim shariah, advocate Nurunnahar said, adding that the affidavit of the marriage was also notarised. Ifte Khayer Alam, senior assistant commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police, said Dr Athif had informed the police verbally before he married Kanaklata. Raudha Athif, Dr Athif's daughter, came to Bangladesh to study medicine at Islami Bank Medical College and Hospital, Rajshahi. She was found dead in her dorm room on March 29.
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The initial autopsy report claimed it was a suicide, but Dr Athif refuted the claims, saying Raudha was murdered. Courts refused to accept a case of unnatural death as filed by the police and Detective Branch on two occasions. But a Rajshahi court accepted Dr Athif's charge of murder accusations. The investigation was transferred to CID, who pointed out several inconsistencies which calls into question the suicide claims. A second autopsy was performed on Raudha's body on April 24, but no report has been released since.