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Home boss blames BNP-Jamaat for patronising militancy

  • Published at 11:52 pm March 8th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:53 pm March 8th, 2017
Home boss blames BNP-Jamaat for patronising militancy
Attending a views exchange meeting in Rajshahi on Wednesday, the minister said that the anti-government quarters wanted to stop the progress of the country and destabilise the government. They patronise terrorists and arsonists, he alleged. “They are trying to label Islam as a violent religion. But no religion promotes murders. Those who preach Islam at mosques and madrasas are not giving rise to militancy. Rather it is the conspirators who are behind the militants.” Kamal said that imams of mosques could play a key role in the fight against religious extremism. He urged all to respond to the call of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and defeat militancy in concert. “We will uproot militancy with the support of all,” the minister added.