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British-Bangladeshi brothers set up, spearheaded IS drone program

  • Published at 08:56 pm July 13th, 2018
Two British-Bangladeshi brothers set up international terrorist organization Islamic State's drone program, according to a report Bigstock

Before joining Islamic State, Sobuj and Sujan reportedly ran a number of IT companies in the UK, Bangladesh and Spain

Two British-Bangladeshi brothers reportedly ran the Islamic State’s self-made lethal drone program, according to a fresh report by US Military Academy.

According to the report, titled “The Islamic State and Drones: Supply, scale and future threats,” Ataul Haque Sobuj and Siful Haque Sujan set up multiple shell companies in Bangladesh, the UK and Spain to “move funds, drones, and other dual-use components to and on behalf of the Islamic State.” 

The report further revealed that parts for the drones were procured “through a global and layered supply chain” that involved purchases from more than 16 companies based in seven different countries. 

Before joining Islamic State, Sobuj and Sujan reportedly ran a number of IT companies in the UK, Bangladesh and Spain.

However, Islamic State suffered a major setback when Sujan was killed during an air strike back in December 2015. The report claimed that Sujan played a major role in establishing Islamic State’s affiliate [which the report referred to as Dawatul Islam Bengal] in Bangladesh.

The drone program hit rock bottom when a British national named Abdul Samad, who served as a director of one of the companies run by the two brothers, was arrested within days of the air strike. Five others associated with the company in Bangladesh were arrested at the same time in Dhaka. 

Law enforcement and counter-terrorism authorities in both the UK and Bangladesh believe that the operatives in Bangladesh used the offices in the UK and Dhaka to move products and money for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

The report also suggested that the Haque brothers had ties with Mohamed Elshinawy, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this year on terrorism charges in the US.

Elshinawy received some $8,000 from Sujan and Sobuj to conduct an attack on behalf of Islamic State in the US.