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Canada Immigration: The absolute guide for Bangladeshis

  • Published at 10:45 am October 8th, 2018
Canada immigration

Through Express Entry programs Canada is accepting immigrants who can contribute to their rapidly growing economy

Canada is a beautiful country with a sound environment, high living standard, and a booming economy. Hence the rate of migration has increased significantly in recent times. On top of that, the new immigration policy is quite generous which explains why so many people from other countries think about migrating there. 

Through Express Entry programs Canada is accepting immigrants who can contribute to their rapidly growing economy. Hence if you are looking for a better job opportunity and a lifestyle then you might consider migrating to Canada from Bangladesh. 

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) oversees all immigration process in Canada, may it be for study, work, visit, immigration or refugee asylum. It is a department of the federal government. For the Express Entry program, IRCC looks for candidates who will fit well in the community and contribute to Canada’s economy. Canada is a land of opportunity where most can do well financially. Through the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class, IRCC selects possible immigrants whose skills and experience meet available job requirements. Based on work experience, education, language ability (English and/or French), and valid job offers, candidates are given points under their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The chances of successful immigration depend a lot on how high these points are for prospective immigrants. 

Creating a profile is crucial for Express Entry. Even if you do not yet have a job offer, you can still create an Express Entry profile. But be sure to access the federal Job Bank service to browse for job postings and to search for work that matches your skills and expertise.

Another key element of the profile is the language proficiency. Canada has two official languages - English and French - and you need to prove an ability to read, write, and speak in either one or both. Language proficiency is perhaps the most controllable area of points for individuals where applicants can make a real difference by scoring high. 

The widely accepted English language proficiency test is IELTS. From my experience, British Council has a widespread network and offers high volume of IELTS exam to sit for through its multiple agents, not to mention their numerous programs that can help you improve your language skill which prepares you to do better in your IELTS exam and eventually improve your chances in the selection process. And access to their Road to IELTS preparation platform did not hurt as well.

Here is a chart depicting how your language proficiency scores translates into points:

IRCC calls to apply for permanent residency to Express Entry applicants who meet a certain standard in the CRS. If you do not meet those criteria, the way to increase your chances is to apply for permanent residency through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Through PNP applicants are assigned to certain regions matching their experience and skillset where there is such a demand. In PNP your mobility will be limited as the criteria requires you to stay in the area. 

Before applying for immigration, especially for PNP, extensive research about the region and its career demand is essential. Be sure to give honest, detailed and correct information to avoid delay in the whole process.