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Provide security for Abdul Alim: ICT

Update : 11 Apr 2013, 12:20 PM


The International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-2 today ordered the authorities concerned to provide necessary police security for Abdul Alim, accused of committing crimes against humanity during the War of Liberation.

Following a prayer from the prosecution, the tribunal headed by Justice Obaidul Hasan issued the order.

"Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) will provide security for Alim while he will come before the tribunal and return to his son's residence," the order said adding that the law enforcement authorities will also keep under surveillance the house he is living.

Prosecutor Rana Dasgupta yesterday submitted a prayer seeking Alim's safety, saying the concerned authorities got a message from Internet link that a vested quarter is hatching conspiracy to kill Abdul Alim.

" A killer has already brought from Pakistan to hit Alim with a heinous design to prove that the life of the persons who are being tried for committing crimes against humanity are not safe at all," the prosecution said.

Praying for taking Alim under judicial custody, the prosecutor said it is the responsibility of the State to ensure security for the accused.

Alim is now staying at his son's residence at Banani and is appearing before the tribunal by ambulance.

The tribunal set April 18 as the next date of the case.



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