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RFL served notice for unauthorized use of photo

  • Published at 03:20 pm April 26th, 2018
RFL served notice for unauthorized use of photo
The lawyer of Abdul Ghani, a staff photojournalist of Focus Bangla news and photo agency, has served legal notice to RFL Plastics for unauthorized use of a photo taken by the journalist for an ad on their official Facebook page. The notice says the company is to pay Tk5 crore to the photojournalist as compensation within seven days of  serving the notice and failure to do so would result in the matter being taken to court. On Tuesday, the lawyer had the notice delivered by mail to the chairman and CEO of RFL at the PRAN-RFL Center on Pragati Sarani. Dulal Mitra said: “I believe my client [Abdul Ghani] has been defamed, so I sent a notice to the CEO of RFL. They must either publish an apology on their Facebook page or pay a sum of Tk5 crore within seven days.”
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The notice said the picture in question was taken by the photographer at the risk of his life on April 8 during the clash between students and the police in the Dhaka University area. The subject of the photo was photojournalist Abu Sufian Jewel, who was using a plastic stool he found on the street as a helmet to protect his head from bricks and tear shells that were being lobbed by students and policemen respectively. It was at this intense moment that Abdul Ghani captured the photo which RFL used for an ad on their official Facebook page without permission. Abdul could have auctioned the powerful image or sent it to international photo competitions, but since it was used in the ad it has been rendered useless for such purposes. Moreover, since the photo was used in the ad, many people have been mocking and ridiculing Jewel on various social media platforms, which is an insult to his passionate efforts as a photojournalist.