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Law minister: Revealing truth won't be considered espionage

  • Published at 05:55 pm January 30th, 2018
Law minister: Revealing truth won't be considered espionage
Recording and revealing the truth, or any illegal activities, will not be considered an espionage act, Law Minister Anisul Huq said on Tuesday. Speaking to reporters at his office in the Secretariat, the minister also assured that no one would be harassed by the newly approved draft Digital Security Act unless they committed a crime specified by the act. “The draft law will not curb the freedom of expression. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not want anyone to suffer unnecessarily because of this law.” The draft of the Digital Security Act was approved by the Cabinet on Monday.
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Anisul further said Section 57 of the ICT Act had been abolished because it was hampering free speech. “I think freedom of expression was curbed a bit under Section 57. The section was also being abused. We had pledged to stop the misuse, and now we have implemented it.” Terming espionage a criminal act, the law minister said there was nothing new to say in that regard. “Before, people defamed the Liberation War, but they could not be brought to book. With the new digital security law, we can do that now,” he added.
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“Section 57 of the ICT Act was not specific. The minimum punishment was seven-year imprisonment under that law. In the new digital security law, the criminal offences have been specified and the changes in punishment have been made accordingly,” the minister further said. On why the Digital Security Act was formulated, the law minister said: “Before, many cyber crimes were tried under the Penal Code, but there was nothing specific there for the offences committed using computers. Under the new law, crimes using computers have been clarified.” This article was first published on banglatribune.com