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SCBA: 16th amendment review appeal indicates government wants to control judiciary

  • Published at 05:51 pm December 25th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:11 pm December 25th, 2017
SCBA: 16th amendment review appeal indicates government wants to control judiciary
Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Zainul Abedin has said the government is trying to sway the judiciary in its own interest. Reading out a written statement at a press conference at SCBA Bhaban on Monday, he said: “It appears from the 94 grounds of government has submitted in the petition for review of the Constitution's 16th amendment verdict, that they (government) want to govern the entire judiciary in their own interest.
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“On many occasions in the past, the apex court gave judgments against illegal amendments (of the Constitution). But as far as I know, no government filed review appeals to express ire against those decisions and judgments. “The government may naturally find one or two observations of a verdict to be irrelevant. But the attorney general has raised 94 points of arguments for the appellation of the 16th amendment verdict. This gives an impression that this government is determined to have full control of the judiciary, and trying to implement it through the apex court itself. That is why, they have made various types of unnecessary and irrelevant remarks following the verdict to make it controversial.”
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The SCBA president also said: “By bidding farewell to the chief justice, the government is trying to intimidate other justices.” He also observed that the government is trying to exert influence over the judiciary to make sure no one raises any objection about various injustices like forced disappearances and killings. “This is clear from the verdict that, this government is not an elected one. That is why they do not believe in the rule of law and democracy. That is why they have taken stand against the verdict of the apex court and filed the review petition against the verdict. “Five among the seven justices who gave this verdict are still representing the Appellate Division. Hope they will reject this review appeal in light of their previous judgment. We, the lawyers of the country, are keeping a close eye on the issue, and will set strict programs to ensure the independence of the judicial system.” The press conference was presided over by SCBA Secretary Barrister MA Mahbub Uddin Khokon. The article was originally published in Bangla Tribune