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The Chakravakasana is an extremely interesting cat-cow pose that helps strengthen one’s spine, whilst relaxing tense muscles in ones back, alongside increasing vertebrae flexibility.   Instructions: Begin on all fours, with the wrists placed under the shoulder and the knees under the hips. Consider the spine to be a straight line that connects the shoulders to the hips. While inhaling-   Curl the toes underneath you and drop your belly. Look upwards towards the ceiling. Allow the movement in your spine begin from your tailbone, ensuring that your neck is the last part to move.

While exhaling- Release the tops of your feet to the floor. Bend your spine in a rounded motion and drop your head downwards. Try to guide your gaze to your stomach area. Repeat the stretch by matching the movement to your breathing pattern. Repeat for 5-10 breaths. Once complete, come back to the pose with your spine in neutral position.

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