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Dhaka for holding perpetrators of Rohingya atrocities accountable

  • Published at 07:43 pm July 27th, 2018
Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, centre, participates in the US Department of State organized conference on ‘Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom’ from July 25-26 in Washington, DC Collected from US State Department's officlal Twitter account

Bangladesh Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali also asked the international community to put pressure on Myanmar

The perpetrators of heinous crimes against Rohingyas in the Rakhine state of Myanmar must be held accountable, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali said on Thursday.

He also emphasized that the international community needed to continue sustained pressure on Myanmar to ensure safe, sustainable and dignified return of Rohingyas to a religiously-tolerant and ethnically-inclusive Myanmar.

"The unprecedented role played by Bangladesh in sheltering and supporting 1.1 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals reflects the truly Samaritan and inclusive nature of Bangladesh," he said at a conference in Washington, DC on Thursday, reports UNB.

The US Department of State organized the conference on “Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom” on July 25-26 which was attended by 80 delegations, mostly led by ministers, according to a press note by the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington.

Minister Ali said the influx of the Rohingyas from Myanmar is one of the gravest ethno-religious cleansing of recent times.

A good number of members of civil society including religious leaders from different countries of the world attended the conference.

The opening session was attended by US Vice-President Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Bangladesh has highlighted its commitment to maintain the legacy of a democratic, secular, open, inclusive and pluralistic social fabric in the country.

"Right to freedom of religion, thought and conscience has been unconditionally guaranteed by our Constitution," said Mahmood Ali.

The foreign minister commended the US government for organizing the first-ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.

"We feel that such conference should also be held at regional level. Bangladesh would be ready to host such a regional Ministerial in Dhaka at a suitable time," he said.

Minister Ali mentioned that the UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief noted in his report in 2015 that "religious pluralism is deeply rooted in Bangladesh and the principle of secularism as laid down in the constitution provides for a framework which accommodates religious and belief-related pluralism for everyone without discrimination."

He informed that the government is promoting a narrative for upholding the spirit of religious freedom and tolerance by observing religious festivals together, with a slogan of “to each his or her religion, but festivals belong to all.”

Ambassador Sam Brownback, chair of the conference, praised Bangladesh for hosting such a huge number of Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

Mahmood Ali also thanked the US Secretary of State for inviting him to the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington, DC.

During a reception held in honour of the delegates attending the conference, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley thanked Bangladesh for generous humanitarian response to the Rohingya crisis.

She also thanked Bangladesh for opening its arms and allowing international organizations to support the Rohingyas.