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Bangladesh foreign minister: Suu Kyi is a very sensitive human being

  • Published at 09:23 pm October 18th, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:25 pm October 18th, 2017
Bangladesh foreign minister: Suu Kyi is a very sensitive human being
Foreign minister AH Mahmood Ali has said Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is a very sensitive human being and she has been against military dictatorship all her life. Mahmood Ali made the comment during a media briefing on the Rohingya issue on Wednesday. “An honour bestowed upon Madam Suu Kyi has been withdrawn from another university. A chair meant for her has been removed. Are these (honour and chair) not valuable? Do these not have any impact? She is very sensitive as a human,” he said. “I met Suu Kyi several times. Every time she participated in international conferences along with our prime minister, I met her [Suu Kyi]. In absence of our premier, I met her. Our foreign affairs secretary went there [Myanmar] as a special envoy,” he recalled. According to him, Suu Kyi has struggled all her life. “She reached so high and did not even own any weapon. Public support and the struggle against a military dictator for the people's rights are her weapons,” he observed. In his reaction on Suu Kyi keeping mum on the Rohingya issue, the foreign minister said: “It is not right that she is not talking at all. She is speaking (in this regard).” Mahmood Ali, while replying on the allegation of Suu Kyi's statement failing to settle the crisis, said: “Not everything works at the same time. How can a military dictatorship be changed overnight?” Referring to Bangladesh's experience in such a situation, he said: “We too had to come across such a crisis and a democratic government was re-established through movement. So, the issue is not a piece of cake.” The minister said: “Suu Kyi in her latest statement said she wants to repatriate those who came from Myanmar. We know those who came from Myanmar. She wants to take back them.  This is really great. We do want this (to happen). Now, the process to do it will have to be discussed. The report was first published on banglatribune.com