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Urban gardeners seek relief from concrete jungle through greenery

  • Published at 10:32 pm July 13th, 2019
National Tree Plantation Campaign and Fair-2019
National Tree Plantation Campaign and Fair-2019 organized at Dhaka’s Agargaon area Courtesy

The 25th Brikkho Mela-2019 kicked off on June 20 at Dhaka’s Agargaon area, inundated by plant enthusiasts

To get some relief from the concrete jungle through some greenery, many among the urban ecologists have taken to gardening on rooftops, balcony, or corridors in their houses.

The tree lovers are gardening not only as a hobby but for the sake of pure air, healthy fruits, vegetables, and the added natural beauty. People seek out various species of flower, fruit, and vegetable seeds and saplings meant for rooftop gardens at the “National Tree Plantation Campaign and Fair-2019.”

The 25th Brikkho Mela-2019 kicked off on June 20 at Dhaka’s Agargaon area, inundated by plant enthusiasts.

Species of colorful flowers, vegetable and fruit saplings which could be grown over a short period of time were mainly sought for. Sellers said that this year customers particularly asked for fruit saplings which can grow on smaller grounds like roof gardens, and balconies.

In the last four years, a school teacher and a plant enthusiast, Salma Khanom, nourished her rooftop garden with almost 300 plants of various fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

She said: “I have been visiting more often this year since I am looking forward to diversify my garden.”

She bought some spice plants that are used in cooking like clove, lemongrass, turmeric, and onion.

A young gardener and a green activist, Tasnuva Afrin, cared for her verandah garden since she was in seventh grade. Now she is a teacher of Glory School and College.

She said: “My four verandas are packed with plants. I got nearly 100 lemons from my lemon tree. I do gardening for beautification, and ecological balance.”

Many buyers reiterated that if they can successfully produce fruits, vegetables, or flowers from even one plant, they are happy about it.

There are many types of bonsai at the fair, ranging from Tk5,000 to Tk5 lakh. However, mango and lemon trees are sold more than others, said a nursery worker, also a seller. He added that various colors of orchid, and rose have been popular this year for beautification of gardens.

Government and non-government nursery, and privately-owned 105 stalls are open in this month long fair. Buyers are more focused on plants that grow on little soil, that are ideal for roof-top gardens.

Department of Forest, the event’s organizer, reports that 10,32,504 saplings worth of Tk6,64,40,375 were sold in the first 18 days of the fair.

Sayad Mahmudur Rahman, mammalogist of Bangladesh Forest Department, also in-charge of the event organization, said that since people are growing gardens in rooftops and verandahs, there is a positive attitude from people on the necessity of trees. “Due to this, nursery owners compete to be innovative with new breeds.”

Hopefully, this year will see more sales than last year, he said.

The month-long Brikkho Mela will end on July 20.