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Pathao provides logistical support for 'Ek Takay Ahar'

  • Published at 12:50 am April 6th, 2019
Pathao employees pack and distribute food among underprivileged children as part of the 'Ek Takay Ahar' project Courtesy

The ride-sharing service also assisted with preparation and distribution process of foods

Ride-sharing service Pathao has provided logistic support to Bidyanondo Foundation’s “Ek Takay Ahar” project, recently.

“Ek Takay Ahar” which translates to “Food for a single Taka” lets hundreds of street children, beggars, and homeless people get their fundamental need of regular meal in exchange for Tk1. 

One of the major expenses incurred by Bidyanondo in executing the project is the logistics.

In this regard, Pathao employees came forward with aiding preparation and distribution process. In extension, Pathao allocated cars from their platform to help transfer foods to the distribution location.

The foundation came up with a policy to charge Tk1 so it does not look like free handouts to children. For the children's part, paying money, as little as it is, can be a matter of pride and allows them not to see themselves as beggars.