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High school education in Bangladesh goes digital

  • Published at 04:20 pm July 17th, 2018

TutorsInc. is an online educational platform that aims to enhance education through technology by connecting teachers and students under numerous curricula like IELTS, IGCSE and the National Curriculum of Bangladesh. Their main objective is to give students a one stop solution for their exams. 

Their work under NCB lies in reaching schools in different parts of our nation and giving access to quality education to all. On June 28, TutorsInc. collaborated with Natmura Pukuria High School in Banshkhali, Chittagong to introduce e-learning in their school via virtual classrooms, thus initiating the first digital school in Bangladesh. 

The president of Natmura Pukuria High School, educationalist and industrialist Rahbar Alam Anwar and the chairman of TutorsInc. Syed Nur Alam signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. Under the agreement, about 600 students of grades 8 and 9 of the school will get the benefit of studying through multimedia tablets.

Content from top teachers for English grammar and General Mathematics for grades 8 and 9 will be created by TutorsInc. in Dhaka through videos, notes and worksheets, which will be received by students of the school in Banshkhali through tablets. This way, with one school at a time, they aim to standardize top quality education across the country.

As for the international curricula, their website – www.mytutorsinc.com – hosts virtual classrooms and additional resources like question paper bank for IGCSE and IELTS. Through the virtual classrooms, students can connect with their desired teachers through pre-recorded videos, notes, forums and quizzes. Moreover, they are also launching live classrooms this month where teachers will be able to conduct classes at real time, allowing students to take part in the class from anywhere, at any time.

The team of TutorsInc. consists of students, parents and teachers. This has allowed them to have a holistic view of the industry and know the exact problems in today's education sector. TutorsInc. is working on a number of curricula with top teachers in their fields. Their dream is to create a decentralized education system in the country, giving everyone access to quality education. Furthermore, they are also working on foreign curricula followed in UK, USA and other countries around the world. The website currently offers online classrooms of IELTS, with SATs and IGCSE to follow in a couple of months. 

Together with all the parties involved, TutorsInc. dreams to create a platform that will help educate and nurture the future leaders of our nation. Their main objective is to enhance education primarily in Bangladesh and eventually move on to a global stage.