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Birth of four greater adjutant birds raises hopes at safari park in Gazipur

Birth of four greater adjutant birds raises hopes at safari park in Gazipur
Two newborn greater adjutant birds surrounded by adults at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in GazipurDhaka Tribune

 Greater adjutants are among the rarest birds in Bangladesh

Employees and visitors of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari park in Gazipur rejoiced after the recent birth of four new greater adjutant birds on the park premises.

The safari park’s veterinarian Anisur Rahman said this was the first time the greater adjutant bird had given birth to younglings at the park. Out of the ten adult greater adjutants there, four were found over the past two months.

He added that greater adjutants can only be seen in South Asia, particularly in the Sundarbans. Unfortunately, they have become extinct in many parts of Bangladesh and cannot be found in Malaysia and Singapore anymore.

The greater adjutant bird is among the rarest birds in Bangladesh Dhaka Tribune

Greater adjutants are members of the stork family and feed on fish, frogs, reptiles, crabs and other animals. Female greater adjutants lay up to four eggs between November and January, which hatch within 28 days. The birds are among the rarest in Bangladesh, having been put on the list of endangered species due to a loss of habitat.

Dr Monowar Hossain of Jahangirnagar University said: “The greater adjutants are on the brink of extinction due to climate change, loss of habitat, and other problems in the ecosystem and food chain. They can be protected if proper steps are taken.”

Meanwhile, acting logistics officer of the safari park Abdul Motalleb said he hoped the birth of the four younglings was a step towards removing greater adjutants from the endangered species list in the near future.

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