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After hours of vigilance, Imi declared winner of Shamsunnahar Hall

  • Published at 11:10 am March 12th, 2019
Shamsunnahar Hall
Independent candidates contested eight positions, and won all eight of themPoster from the polls campaign

Eight out of eight independent candidates have won the hall union polls

For the first time in the history of the Dhaka University Central Students Union (Ducsu) election, candidates not affiliated with any political party have won all the hall union positions in a dormitory. 

The unbelievable success came from the independent candidates of Shamsunnahar Hall. 

Among the 13 posts in the hall union polls, independent candidates contested eight positions, and won all eight of them, including for the positions of vice president (VP), general secretary (GS) and assistant general secretary (AGS).

The remaining five posts were won by Bangladesh Chhatra League.

Students elected Sheikh Tasnim Afroz Imi as the VP of Shamsunnahar Hall, while Afasana Chapa and Fatima Akhter were elected as GS and AGS, respectively.

Speaking to the correspondent—soon after the announcement of Shamsunnahar Hall’s Ducsu election results—newly-elected VP Imi said: “I had the overwhelming support of the students, and I received 1,076 votes.

“We won the polls with hard work and the sweat of our brows. Concerned over maintaining a fair atmosphere in the recent election, we guarded the polling centres and ballot boxes all night. We remained vigilant against any and all irregularities.”

Students elected independent candidate Sheikh Tasnim Afroz Imi as the VP of Shamsunnahar Hall | Image taken from Facebook profileImi then thanked the voters of Shamsunnahar Hall for making the victory possible. Discussing her election strategy, Imi continued: “Polls were held to elect representatives for 13 posts, but we chose to contest in 8 positions. All independent candidates won the hall union election, giving us a 100% success and the majority in the hall.

“The election in our hall was free and fair. The students were able cast their ballots unhindered. We noticed no irregularities or unrest during the vote.”

The newly-elected VP of Shamsunnahar Hall then thanked the teachers for ensuring a fair election.

Responding to query about her priorities as the hall VP, Imi said: “I will focus on the water shortage issue, and on controlling the number of trespassers inside the hall.”

Sheikh Tasnim Afroz Imi had served as the general secretary of the volunteer blood donors' organization Badhan. She came into the limelight after the Gonojagoron Moncho protests of 2013 and quota reform protests of 2018.  

The same year, police picked up Imi from in front of Shamsunnahar Hall and released after 5 hours of detention. Her detention and subsequent release provided an immense boost to her popularity as a students’ leader.

Imi was also at the forefront of the Movement for Safe Roads.