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AL: Mahbub Talukder’s statement ‘unacceptable’

  • Published at 01:45 am December 27th, 2018
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Prime Minister's Political Affairs Adviser and Awami League Election Steering Committee Co-Chairman HT Imam addresses media after a meeting with Election Commission on Wednesday; December 26, 2018 Focus Bangla

'It is not acceptable if anyone gives directives personally, going beyond the commission'

Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder's statement - urging law enforcers to uphold the dignity of uniform by not being biased while executing their election duties - is “unacceptable,” an Awami League leader has said.

“It is not acceptable if anyone gives directives personally, going beyond the commission,” said Awami League Election Steering Committee Co-Chairman HT Imam while briefing the reporters at Election Commission Secretariat in Dhaka on Wednesday.

HT Imam, political affairs adviser to the prime minister, led an Awami League delegation to the Election Commission to lodge complaints about "attacks" on party leaders and activists in different places across the country.

It creates misunderstanding among people, he said.

"He [Mahbub Talukder] definitely can give a note of dissent. But it cannot be done publicly," he said.

HT Imam said the Election Commission comprises of the chief election commissioner along with four election commissioners. "So, the commission should give directives after taking decisions collectively," he added.

Earlier in the day, Mahbub Talukder said: "Keep up the dignity of your uniform, exercise restraint and do not be overenthusiastic."

"You [law enforcement], are the most important allies in ensuring a fair election," he said. "It is your duty and responsibility to treat everyone equally, and steer clear of favouritism."

Besides, Awami League asked the commission to relax its restrictions on the movement of motorcycles for journalists, vehicles of candidates, and political leaders bestowed with party's responsibility.

The ruling party also urged the Election Commission to be alert over the circulation of black money during election and keep online money transfer or mobile banking services suspended on the election day.

Other Awami League leaders including Prime Minister's Economic Affairs Adviser Dr Mashiur Rahman, advocate Nazibullah Hiru, advocate ABM Reazul Kabir Kawsar, and Dr Selim Mahmud were present at the meeting.