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EVMs: Mock voting in Dhaka 13 polling centres begins Wednesday

  • Published at 12:36 am December 26th, 2018
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Election Commission-appointed people, travelling in a CNG-run auto-rickshaw, use loudhailers on Tuesday, December 25, 2018, in urging locals of Dhaka 13 constituency to take part in mock voting with EVMs that will begin Wednesday in selected polling centres Dhaka Tribune

The Election Commission has organized EVM exhibitions in six constituencies where the machines will be used during the general election Sunday

People in six constituencies around the country will exercise their franchise using electronic voting machines (EVM) during the 11th general election on Sunday.

In order to familiarize the people with the EVMs, the Election Commission has organized exhibitions at selected polling centres in these constituencies where the machines will be used for voting.

Two of those seats are in the capital – Dhaka 6 and 13. Under the initiative, EVM exhibitions at 134 centres in the areas under Dhaka 13, including Mohammadpur, started on December 17.

The commission is also set to organize mock voting in these 134 centres with EVMs on Wednesday and Thursday.

As part of the campaign, the commission-appointed people were seen using loudhailers on Tuesday in urging the locals to take part in the mock voting and learn how to use EVMs.

The EVM exhibitions in all six constituencies – Dhaka 6 and 13, Satkhira 2, Khulna 2, Rangpur 3 and Chittagong 9 – are being supervised by the army as part of their polls duty, following their deployment on Monday.

An army official on duty at a centre in Mohammadpur said that they would teach the people, including those who are in doubt regarding use of EVMs, how to use the machines properly in order to allay their fears.

“Since the beginning of the exhibition, about 150-200 people on average visited and shared their views with us. We are also circulating and giving leaflets with all necessary information to everyone,” said the official.

Kamrunnahar Hasi, a Mohammadpur resident who recently visited one of the exhibitions, said: “I was worried that it will be a problem to vote using EVMs. But now I am feeling secured enough about voting after they showed me how the machines work.”

“But I do hope that there will be no problem with the machines on the election day,” she added.

Hasanuzzaman, an elderly from the neighbourhood who also visited the exhibition, said: “Not all the elderlies know how to work electronic machines. It’s difficult for us. I came to see for myself after I heard that it (EVM) is a very tough system. But now I will find out very easily [through the mock voting].”

Young and first-time voter Niaz Mustafa expressed hope that EVMs would cut down irregularities during the voting.

“Many fear that we will not know even if irregularities occur due to the machines. As a citizen, I do hope that the new rules are for the better,” he added.