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7 Tangail candidates are school dropouts

  • Published at 07:10 pm December 16th, 2018
Map of Tangail district

52 candidates are contesting the upcoming general election

Seven out of 52 candidates of Awami League, BNP and other parties, contesting the upcoming 11th general election in eight constituencies of Tangail, have not completed their schooling.

Some candidates are just literate and some candidates have PhD degrees, according to the affidavits filed by them.

The affidavits say 19 candidates do not have graduate degrees.  

Besides, seven candidates have passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams, while five have obtained Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).

The school dropout candidates include Tanvir Hasan Chotomoni (literate), an Awami League candidate for Tangail 2 constituency; Abu Hanif (8 grade), a candidate of Tarikat Federation for Tangail 3; Khalilur Rahman (who can only sign his name), Islami Andolan candidate for the same constituency; Mirza Abu Sayeed (who can sign his name) of Islami Andolan for Tangail 4; and Rupa Roy Chowdhury (who can sign her name), a candidate of Progotishil Gonotantrik Dal for Tangail 7.

Syed Mojibor Rahman of Khilafat Majlish for Tangail 7 and Shafi Sarkar of National People’s Party for Tangail 8 have said in their affidavits that they are self-taught.

It is to be noted that the Representation of People Order does not specify a minimum requirement of education in order to be eligible to run in an election.