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Madaripur 1 constituency: BNP attempts to win-over Awami League supporters

  • Published at 02:37 pm November 23rd, 2018
Madaripur 1 Constituency
Clock wise - Nur-E-Alam Chowdhury Liton, Yajjim Hossain Roman, Md Abdul Hannan Mia, Nadira Mithu Chowdhury, Sajjad Hossain Siddiqui Lavlu Courtesy

The constituency is considered an Awami League stronghold

Madaripur 1 constituency consists of 19 unions and one municipality. 

It is known as Awami League's vote bank and comprises a total of 238,523 voters. 

Despite the ruling party possessing a large vote bank, and a stronghold, in the area, they will face tough resistance from BNP.

Local BNP supporters believe that they are prepared to infiltrate Awami League's vote bank.

According to them, if the election is free and fair, BNP’s candidate will surely win.

MP Nur-E-Alam Chowdhury Liton is Awami League's sole candidate for this seat.

In contrast, six people have bought nomination forms from BNP; to contest in the upcoming general polls for Madaripur 1 constituency.

Meanwhile, with sole nomination-aspirants, for both Jatiya Party and Islami Andolon Bangladesh, are campaigning in the area.

Awami League going solo

Incumbent lawmaker and Awami League Parliamentary Committee General Secretary Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury Liton, is the likeliest candidate to receive Awami League’s nomination.

He is the eldest son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's paternal brother—the late Ilias Ahmed Chowdhury.

He has been elected as a Member of Parliament five times from 1996-2014— and has extensively developed the Shibchar area.

Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury said: "I belong to a political family. I grew up being the politics of Awami League. I have worked in every union and ward-level committee of Awami League in my constituency. Development has touched every corner of Shibchar. I would like to finish the remaining list of development for Shibchar using the boat symbol in the upcoming general polls.”

Several BNP candidates 

Shibchar’s BNP is divided into two factions. 

One group is led by Acting President Yazem Hossain Roman.

Acting President Zaman Kamal Nuruddin Mollah leads the other faction.

They both conduct party activities separately in the constituency.

However, Zaman has bought BNP’s nomination form to contest in Dhaka 17 constituency.

Shibchar Upazila BNP acting president Yajjam Hossain Roman and the remaining 5 nominees are fighting to secure the party’s nomination to contest in the upcoming general election.

They are: Shibchar upazila BNP acting President Yajjam Hossain Roman, present Central Chatra Dal Vice-President Md Abdul Hannan Mia, late BNP leader Nazmul Huda Chowdhury’s wife Nadira Mithu Chowdhury Dhuri, district BNP member Sajjad Hossain Siddiqui Lavlu, former Shibchar thana BNP President Abu Zafar Chowdhury, and Dhaka Demra BNP leader Rob Hawlader.

Nomination-aspirant Yajjam said: “I have been involved with BNP’s politics since my student days. I am conducting rallies and have started my election campaign in every ward with regard to almost all the local BNP leaders and activists. If the party decides to nominate me, I will make sure that BNP wins this seat in the upcoming general election.”

Another BNP nomination-aspirant, Sajjad, said: "I have been working quietly with grassroots-level local BNP activists and supporters. I am quite confident that I will be nominated. If the election is fair and free then BNP will win for sure.”

Abdul said: “I bought BNP’s nomination form to contest for Madaripur 1 constituency. Hopefully, the party will nominate me so that I can gift our party a win from this constituency.”

Meanwhile, Nadira is also working hard to secure BNP’s nomination.

She said: “I have been campaigning in Shibchar for the general polls. I have distributed relief among the flood-affected people in the area—from my private funds. I am quite confident of winning if I am nominated by the party. I will work for the development of the area unlike anyone ever has.”

Other parties

Jatiya Party's young leader, Madaripur district Jatiya Party Vice-President Jahirul Islam Mintu, is also campaigning for the upcoming 11th parliament election. 

He has participated in multiple party activities—including meetings with senior party leaders and activists in the upazila. 

Despite him being very young, he is on the party’s list of prospective candidates as he has been working relentlessly for the local people of Madaripur.

Concurrently, Madaripur District Islami Andolon Bangladesh Committee has declared Hafiz Zafar Ahmed as their candidate for the upcoming general polls.

He is the president of the party’s Shibchar upazila committee.