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Private University Rankings 2019: FAQ

  • Published at 02:05 am May 25th, 2019

Frequently asked questions about the Private University Rankings

What is the purpose of this ranking?

We want to help universities identify where they stand and take necessary steps to improve their performance, which would help them sustain in the long run. This will also contribute to the improvement of the quality of higher education, which will benefit the country as a whole. 

We also believe that the universities that fall behind in the rankings will be motivated to improve their quality in the coming years.

How will this ranking be useful to people?

They will be able to decide what universities will be good for them. The financial issue is also involved here. 

A student may be able to consider the quality of the universities that fall within their affordability. Perhaps a student is unable to afford the top university on this ranking. But they can check which of the top universities they can afford to go to. They will then be able to take a decision.

Why are only 20 universities on the ranking?

Out of the 101 private universities in Bangladesh, only 36 met our required criteria. Some were blacklisted by the government, some had not held convocation, and some were either teaching a single discipline or had too few students to qualify for the rankings.

What is this ranking based on?

The ranking is based on the number of teachers at a university, research, campus, academic activities, library condition and the perceptions of academics and employers about the graduates.

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Why is the ratio of Factual to Perceptual score 40:60?

The latest data obtained from the UGC is from 2017 and factual data cannot be held without a fault. As perceptions play a significantly larger role in decision-making, the ratio was determined in favour of the Perceptual Score against the Factual Score.