• Thursday, Nov 21, 2019
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Madrasa students get higher GPA 5

  • Published at 01:28 pm May 6th, 2019
File photo Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

General students from eight education board got less GPA 5

Students from madrasa and technical education background have performed exceptionally well in scoring a GPA 5 in their Secondary School Certificate (SSC)—and its equivalent exams—results this year.

Whereas, the students from eight general education boards had a poor showing of GPA 5, in their results, when compared to a year ago.

Fall in GPA 5 by general education board students

A total of 82.80% —or 1,403,157—of SSC—and equivalent examinations—examinees  passed the exam; out of 1,694,652 students who took the exam from eight general education boards. However, the pass rate was 79.40% a year ago.

Out of the students who passed, 5.58%—or 94,556 students—have scored GPA 5, denoting a significant decrease from last year’s 6.33%—or 102,845 students—who scored the highest marks, according to official statistics.

Madrasa students shine in pass rate, GPA 5

Both the pass rate and the number of GPA 5-scorers have risen notably among students with a madrasa education background who passed the Dakhil exam this year.

The pass rate is 83.03% this year, whereas it was 70.89% a year ago. A total of 6,287 students scored GPA 5, compared to 3,371 students in 2018.

Pass rate 72.24% in technical boards

A total of 72.24% students under Bangladesh Technical Education Board has passed the SSC (vocational) exam this year. The rate was 71.96% in 2017.

Out of a total 126,383 students, 91,298 of them passed this year. Moreover, a total of 4,751 students—3.76%— scored GPA 5 in the exam, while 4,413 did so a year ago.

Overall pass rate of SSC exam

A total of 82.20% of this year's Secondary School Certificate (SSC)—and its equivalent examinations—examinees have passed the test.  

Some 1,749,165 students passed the exam out of total 2,127,815 students who took it.

Education minister Dipu Moni unveiled the results in Dhaka on Monday.