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Khasru slams Nahid over question leak

  • Published at 12:50 AM February 26, 2018
Khasru slams Nahid over question leak

Matin Khasru urged the education minister to sit in discussion with everyone

Former law minister Abdul Matin Khasru has criticized Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid for the failure to prevent question paper leaks during public examinations.

The Comilla MP and senior Awami League leader lambasted the minister in parliament on Sunday, saying the party cannot take responsibility for the failures of one or two individuals.

“The many achievements of Sheikh Hasina cannot be overshadowed by one or two misdeeds. Those who have failed must resign. There is no dearth of people in Awami League,” he said participating in general discussion over thanksgiving motion on the President speech in the House.

“It can’t be logical to say that question papers are leaked as in the past,” he said adding that they do not want to hear anymore that question paper is leaked.

“Awami League, Sheikh Hasina and we won’t shoulder the responsibility for the failure of one or two individuals,” said Khasru, also chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law, Justice and parliamentary Affairs Ministry.

Matin Khasru urged the education minister to sit in discussion with everyone to find a way for preventing the trend of question paper leak. “Take our help and invite all to discuss it. Why can’t it be checked?”

The MP said the country’s younger generations are very talented and there is nothing to be upset about.

He also criticized BNP leaders for their remarks on the court verdict against BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on corruption charges.

Khasru said corruption charges against BNP leader Khaleda Zia have been proved.

“She embezzled orphans’ money. But they aren’t ashamed of this,” he said.

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