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Was DU teacher Reaz subjected to office politics?

  • Published at 02:36 am March 8th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:39 am March 28th, 2017
Was DU teacher Reaz subjected to office politics?
Rather, the department allegedly did not follow the measures that were supposed to be taken after the complaints against him surfaced. The university sources said that the suspension resulted from resentment of the teachers of the department on him. The Bangla Tribune findings say that information about the allegation was sent to the university syndicate without issuing a warning or acknowledgement letter to the accused. Many also blamed a “distance” among the teachers of the department for the allegation of Dr Reaz showing “almost pornography” in his class being raised. 111 However, Dr Md Abu Yousuf, chairman of the department, claimed to have taken all measures in sending the information to the syndicate. He admitted that no cautionary letter was sent to the teacher, though. Interestingly, not a single student of the department is speaking about the 'obscene pictures' Dr Reaz had reportedly demonstrated at class. Even, the course consisting the classes where the slides were shown ended in December. Hence, questions were raised on why the allegation surfaced even after the classes and exams of the course were over and its result was published, even if something objectionable were really shown. When asked, Prof Yousuf said: “We had asked him to change the subject after students objected in their course evaluation paper.” Replying to a query over if the accused was informed in written and formally, he said: “He [Dr Reaz] was asked over phone to change the course content during an academic meeting.” 222 Prof Yousuf also failed to answer well when asked about the issuance of the suspension order despite the course being over in December. He, however, said Dr Reaz was earlier accused of discriminating in mark distribution on exam answer sheets. “We have also informed the matter to the administration,” he said. Mentionable, the DU authorities suspended Dr Reaz over the allegation, which the Bangla Tribune later found was personal assessment of some Masters students of evening course. The suspended teacher said he had taught the same course in several batches and had already ended checking the exam papers. He claimed to have previously informed the vice chancellor about the dispute among the teachers, but was astonished being punished. When asked about the expulsion process of the university, DU Proctor M Amzad Ali said: “The syndicate can expel any teacher upon a complaint, which is followed by a final decision based on investigation. But, considering the severity of an allegation, probe can be started with an accused teacher still in charge. There is no problem with it.” 333 DU Pro-VC (admin) Prof Akhtaruzzaman, while talking about the matter to the Banla news portal, said: “The allegation came from students. The concerned department later passed the information to the syndicate that then launched probe into the incident, leading to the temporary suspension.” Meanwhile, a teacher of the department, preferring anonymity, said it could not have been so easy to suspend a public university teacher if his or her colleagues had stood by the one. The teacher, nevertheless, said: “ Everybody is aware of the complex relation between the department's chairman and Dr Reaz. But, nobody will speak up about that now.” Though his colleagues claimed warning being issued by the department's academic committee to him, Dr Reaz said: “I was just once called up (by someone during a departmental committee meeting) over phone when I was suggested to change some slides (related to the course). But, I informed the caller that the changes were not possible. Then they asked me to have the course taught by someone else. But, neither before nor after the incident, I was never given warning.” 55 “I was not even sent an official letter over the suspension. If I contact the department in this regard, the officials say that the letter was yet to reach them. I fear that the letter will not be delivered to me either.” DU Mass Communication and Journalism Department's Professor Geeti Ara Nasrin told the Bangla Tribune that it was necessary to listen to the statement of those who complained against Dr Reaz. “Who had decided to temporarily suspend him [Dr Reaz] terming his contents obscene are responsible to prove the allegation.” She also demanded that it should have to be clarified whether the punishment of the teacher was given following the proper way.