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News analysis: Let democracy triumph

  • Published at 12:53 am January 31st, 2020
Election Campaign
Election campaign posters Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune

In terms of number of voters, this is the second largest election activity after the national polls.

A little over 5.8 million voters are eligible to vote in the elections to Dhaka North City Corporation and Dhaka South City Corporation to be held tomorrow.

In terms of number of voters, this is the second largest election activity after the national polls.

The elected mayors and councillors will be responsible to ensure civic amenities of Dhaka, the capital and heart of the country.

Here, one might raise the question of whether the voters will be able to exercise their right to franchise without any trouble on the polling day, because the last such Dhaka city elections five years ago as well as more recent elections were marred by unfortunate irregularities.

That said: what has happened in the past has happened. Let us now focus on the present, and how things can move forward by holding the city corporation polls as flawlessly as possible.

We are encouraged by words coming from the Election Commission (EC), the quasi-judicial constitutional body responsible to conduct the elections.

Although the performance of the commission has been called into question in the past, it can be hoped that this time round they will get the job done.

It is worth mentioning that after the declaration of the election schedule, the EC becomes the most powerful institution in the land, with authority over the administration and the law enforcing agencies.

So it certainly has the power to ensure that voters are able to vote without any intimidation and that their votes will be counted.

Alongside the EC, the responsibility of the participating political parties, especially the ruling one, administration, and the law enforcing agencies cannot be underestimated. 

Politicians always say that they do politics for the people, who, accordingly to the constitution, are the owners of the country. To be honest, evidence for this is often mixed, but we can always remain hopeful that they will start meaning what they say from these elections.

The members belonging to the administration and law enforcing agencies must remember that they are public servants, bound to discharge their duty neutrally.

Actually, it is the combined effort of the EC, voters, political parties, administration, and law enforcers that can ensure free, fair, and meaningful elections that will reflect the will of the electorate.

Needless to say that politics is always a rough trade. Some win while some lose. And in these wins and losses lies the beauty of democracy, something the people of the country hold close to their hearts.

So at the start of this new decade, let our resolve be to make democracy triumphant in these two city corporation polls.