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Prime suspect, 3 others held over attack on Dr Sarwar

  • Published at 10:10 pm January 23rd, 2020

Nazmul describes the plot to police

Police arrested the prime suspect and three others in connection with the attack on Dr Sarwar Ali, Trustee of Liberation War Museum. 

The arrestees are -- prime suspect Nazmul Islam, 30, his associates Shekh Rony, 25, Monir Hossain, 20, and Faysal Kabir, 26.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Banaj Kumar Majumder disclosed this at a press briefing at PBI headquarters in Dhaka, on Thursday.  

He said, they arrested Nazmul, the mastermind of the attack from Salna area in Gazipur, and Faysal Kabir from Sadar upazila in Bagerhat district on Wednesday.

They also arrested Shekh Rony from Uttara, and Monir Hossain from Dakkhinkhan in Dhaka on the same day.

Nazmul, during primary interrogation confessed to police that he planned the attack in order to teach the family a lesson for their rude behaviour with him, the DIG said.

On January 5, two assailants reportedly tried to murder Liberation War Museum trustee Dr Sarwar Ali and his family at his Uttara residence in Dhaka.

Nazmul took a job as a chauffeur at Dr Sarwar’s house in June 2017. He basically drove the car of Dr Sarwar’s wife. Next year in March 2018, he left the job because Dr Sarwar and his family members did not treat him with dignity, said PBI chief Banaj.

Nazmul’s lifestyle was not normal like other chauffeurs, he always envisioned himself as a hero or a villain of Hindi movies. So he expected due dignity though he was poor but he did not get what he expected. For this reason he planned to teach Dr Sarwar’s family a lesson, DIG Banaj Kumar said.

On January 13, at a press conference, the PBI said that the attack on Sarwar Ali and his family members was a premeditated robbery attempt.

Nazmul, present driver Hafizul Islam, and security guard of his apartment Hasan were among the plotters. However, they did not take part in the robbery attempt.

The law enforcement agency came to know of the plot and the attack after arresting and interrogating Md Farhad, 18, a member of a robbers' gang on January 13.

Nazmul hired seven youths to carry out the plan.

During primary interrogation Nazmul said that according to his plan, he made a plot. He engaged six people -- cousin Rony, neighbour Faysal, two hired men Monir and Farhad, Rony’s relative Alamin and Nur Mohammad -- to execute his plan.

Among them five were arrested and two, Alamin and Nur are on the run, said DIG Banaj.    

How the plan was carried out

Nazmul cooked up a story and convinced the hired men that police, journalist, advocate and doctor are involved in his plot. They would help them and would give them all kind of support, he added.

Describing the day of the incident, Banaj said that Nazmul went to Dr Sarwar’s building with four packets of Biryani and talked with security guard Hasan. At one stage Hasan ate the Biryani laced with sleeping pills.

Around 10pm, when he saw that Hasan was not falling asleep, he tactfully sent Hasan inside the building, and called Faysal while the rest of them remained waiting outside the building.    

Faysal and Nazmul went to the third floor and knocked on the door. At knife point, they took Dr Sarwar’s daughter and her husband hostage when they opened the door.

Later, Faysal remained on the third floor, and Nazmul went to Sarwar’s flat on the fourth floor, and took Sarwar and his wife hostage. But they started shouting for help. At this point, Nazmul called his associates outside and asked them to enter the building. 

But they could not, because of the presence of the security guard in front of the gate. In the meantime, Sarwar’s daughter and her husband pushed Faysal out of their flat and locked the door. Faysal then rushed to the fourth floor to join Nazmul.

By that time a few tenants came to Sarwar’s rescue, Nazmul and Faysal pushed them aside and fled the scene.

PBI chief Banaj Kumar said that Nazmul told them that they had no intention to hurt or kill them. They only wanted to commit robbery and teach them a lesson.