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DMP bans using sharp weapons during Tazia procession

  • Published at 11:05 pm September 4th, 2019
DMP Commissioner
File photo of DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia Collected

The Holy Ashura will be observed on September 10

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has banned using sharp weapons during the Tazia procession to be observed during the Holy Ashura on September 10.

DMP Commissioner Md Ashaduzzaman Mia had said this during a coordination meeting regarding the religious program at the DMP headquarters, a press release stated on Wednesday. 

Senior DMP officials, representatives of intelligence agencies, representatives of various government service organizations and Shia Community leaders were present at the time

Using any kind of weapon to cause self-inflicted wounds to express mourning at the procession was completely banned. At the same time, DMP will tighten the security during Tazia Mourning Procession. 

The holy Ashura celebration will began officially through the mourning procession at Hussaini Dalan Imambara at 10am on September 10 and will be organised by Anjumane Haidarir 

DMP issues 13 instructions to the organizing authority

1) The route and deadline given (start and end of the mourning procession) must be followed.

2) The organizing authority will confirm that no “pike” (those who chant Hai Hussain, Hai Hussain and hurt or cut themselves using scissors, spears, swords, etc.) would take place during the Tazia procession.

3) The height of participants’ flags in the procession should not be more than 12 feet.

4) The authority will arrange sufficient numbers of CCTV cameras to monitor each gathering of the Tazia procession and other related events.

5) The organizing authority will arrange sufficient volunteers and send a list with ID cards including pictures to the deputy commissioner’s (DC) office for verification. 

6) To make sure, the use of sharp weapons, metals, combustibles, bags, pots, sticks, throws, knives, swords, spears, bolts and fireworks is prohibited during the procession. 

7) Random people cannot take part in the mourning procession from nearby streets and lanes from where the procession will go through; if they want to join, they must come to the starting point of the Tazia procession. 

8) To make sure, everybody must be searched thoroughly and with metal detectors before the start of the mourning procession.

9) There must be adequate lighting at all the Imambaras and places where the celebration and procession would take place. And the celebration must end before dusk.

10) No loud noise can be made at the procession using devices such as beating drums, musical instruments, etc.

11) During the ongoing Tazia procession, it should be ensured that no gaps between procession participants are made.

12) No unwanted situation could be made during fist fights using extra amounts of physical strength.

13) No one will be allowed to enter wearing shawls at the Ashura programs of the Tazia procession.

Holy Ashura takes place on 10th of Muharram

The Arabic month of Zilhaj ended on Saturday and the counting of Muharram began on Sunday, a Press Information Department (PID) handout said. 

Holy Ashura is observed on 10th of Muharram in the Hijri year commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

On this day in the Hijri year of 61, Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) along with his family members and 72 followers embraced martyrdom in the hands of the Yazid soldiers in the desert of Karbala to uphold the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).