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‘Admitted as talented students, released as goons’

  • Published at 10:36 pm September 4th, 2019
Students of Dhaka University protests in demand of a solution to the accommodation crises at the base of Aparajeo Bangla at the Dhaka University premises on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

DU students demand a solution to the accommodation crises

A group of Dhaka University (DU) students claimed that students are initially admitted to DU for their talent and later released as goons, after being deprived of their rights as students in the institution.

Under the banner of “General Students of DU,” a group of DU students made the claim from a human chain at the base of Aparajeo Bangla at the Dhaka University premises on Wednesday.

They further claimed that they are being repressed and were involved with unfair practices patronized by the ruling party’s student body during their first year.

The ruling party’s student wing seizes power every term (academic year) and takes control over the residential dormitories and bars general students from getting an accommodation in the halls, they claimed.

They urged the authorities concerned to ensure their legitimate rights and secure a residential seat legally for each student from the very beginning of the first year.

While addressing the gathering, Armanul Haque, a second-year student of international relations department, also an activist of left-leaning front Chhatra Federation, said: “Some 30-40 students have to take refuge in a room controlled by a student organization that has a capacity to accommodate four to eight students.”

“When the students do not have space to sleep at night, they go out and get involved in criminal activities as per the instructions by their political seniors. So they come here and get admitted as talented students and are later released as goons,” he added.

He demanded legal seats for students from the very first year.

Sheikh Emily Jamal, a third-year student said: “Students do not get the space to study or sleep in those rooms as they are getting overcrowded. In Ruqayyah Hall, we had to live in a room with 50 students, whereas, the capacity was 15.”

“Seats could be distributed in a proper manner, if the authorities want,” she said.

Nahid Islam, a third-year student of the sociology department, claimed that the Dhaka University Central Students Union (Ducsu) was silent over the accommodation crisis. He threatened go for tougher programs if Ducsu does not take any initiative regarding this.

Around 50 students from different departments including the Joint-Convener of the Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council Bin Yamin Mollah addressed the human chain, among others.