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4 suspected militants of Allahr Dal held in Dhaka

  • Published at 11:08 am August 28th, 2019
RAB 1 commanding officer Lt Col Md Sarwar-Bin-Kashem addresses a press briefing on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

The organization received financial help from various individuals, says RAB 1 commanding officer

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested four suspected members of militant organization Allahr Dal, also known as Allahr Sarkar in Dhaka.

A team of RAB-1, in a special drive, arrested them from Dhaka's Dakshinkhan area yesterday.

The arrestees have been identified as Sirajul Islam Seherul Mridha, 38, Moniruzzaman Monir, 40, SM Hafizur Rahman Sagor, 45, and Md Shafiul Moznabin Turin, 27.

Confirming the matter during a press briefing, yesterday, RAB 1 commanding officer (CO) Lt Col Md Sarwar-Bin-Kashem said that Sirajul was joint captain, Moniruzzaman, deputy captain, Hafizur, assistant captain, and Shafiul, was executive member of the militant organization. 

He also said that the militant group of Allahr Dal was established in 1995, under the leadership of Abdul Motin Mehdi alias Mominul Islam alias Mohit Mahbub alias Mehdi Hasan alias Matinul Haque who also worked as chief security officer at the National Parliament House. 

RAB presents the arrestees in front of the media CourtesyLater, Abdul Motin Mehdi was found involved with JMB‘s series bomb blast across the country on August 17, 2005.

In September of 2005, RAB arrested Motin Mehdi from the government quarter at Green Road in Dhanmondi. Mehdi has been imprisoned in the Tangail jail after being sentenced to death, he added.

Lt Col Md Sarwar-Bin-Kashem in the press briefing also said that Allahr Dal was banned and blacklisted by the Home Ministry in 2009. Later, the group converted the name from Allahr Dal to Allahr Sarkar in 2014, so that it could continue its illegal work without people knowing about it. 

He also said that they are a very organized group. The organization had created a structure similar to that of state administrative structure of the country. He also said that the main goal of the organization was to create a country where rules and regulations will be mainly based on an Islamic system of governance. 

To achieve this goal, they came up with plans to create leaders at village, union, upazila, district, division and central levels. According to the layout of the leadership, the heads of the divisions are identified as Nayok, he said.  

In addition, at the central level, various important positions are identified as captain, deputy captain, additional captain, joint captain. And the highest rank of the organization was termed as a Taroka.

RAB 1 CO Sarwar further said that they do not pray in the mosque behind Imam. They even disagree with the name of the last prophet associated in the Kalema. They think militant Motin Mehdi may be a special envoy of God, he continued.

The organization used to receive financial help from various individuals. The members of the organization, who worked or ran businesses, paid money so that the organization could run smoothly. They would pay at a rate of 2 to 5 per cent per month from their earned income, said this official.

He also said a letter has been sent to banks freezing accounts of those people who helped run the organization, he added. 

The CO of RAB 1 also said that Sirajul was tasked with monitoring various issues of militant organizations, such as finding ways to free those militants who were arrested by the law. 

Moniruzzaman used to oversee various matters including financial management, invitation and recruiting potential militants to the organization. In addition to performing various duties of organization, Hafizur was involved in collecting members and conducting various administrative activities through the dawati program.

Besides, Shafiul used to provide money to the family members of those militants who were arrested. He also had planned on freeing the organization‘s main leader Motin from jail. To execute the plan, he was trying to buy weapons and a getaway car.

Before that in a series of ongoing militancy operations, RAB also arrested three members including the acting Amir of Allahr Dal, also known as Allahr Sarkar from Dhaka’s Hatirjheel area on August 18.