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Prof Barkat: Priya Saha distorted my research findings

  • Published at 07:40 pm July 22nd, 2019
web-Bangladesh Economic Association President professor Abul Barkat
Bangladesh Economic Association President professor Abul Barkat Collected

Saha tried to defend her remarks tagging Barkat's research findings

Bangladesh Economic Association President professor Abul Barkat said Priya Saha distorted his research findings, claiming that he had never said that some 37 million Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians were missing.

Noted economist and researcher,  Dr Abul Barakat demands immediate withdrawal of her statement without any delay.

Abul Barakat accused Priya of making several false statements.

Abul Barakat, in his book,  "Political economy of reforming agriculture-land-water bodies in Bangladesh" – published in 2016, mentioned that around 11.3 million Hindus left Bangladesh due to religious persecution, and discrimination from 1964 through 2013. 

It suggests, on an average 632 Hindus left the country each day and 230,612 annually.

He said there is no connection with his research findings to what Priya Saha told to US President Donald Trump, and a subsequent video message quoting his research.

"As a social science researcher, I want to be sure that Priya Saha will withdraw her statements quoting my name which has been confusing, and devoid of principles," Prof Barkat said in a media statement on Monday.

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In a video clip that went viral on social media on Friday, Priya Saha was heard telling president Trump: "Sir, I'm from Bangladesh ... 37 million Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are disappeared. Please help us - for the Bangladeshi people. We want to stay in our country."

After identifying herself as a Bangladeshi, she was seen telling Trump, among other things, that 37 million people of minority groups were disappeared from Bangladesh.

She also said there are 18 million minority people. "My request is, please help us, we don't want to leave our country, just help us stay. I have lost my home, they've burned my home, they (have) taken away my land, but no judgment (is) yet taken please, please ..."

Later, in a video message, Priya Saha explained her position, and tried to defend her remarks by tagging Abul Barkat's research findings.

"Bangladesh is a beacon of religious freedom, and communal harmony, where people of all faiths have been living in peace for ages," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, strongly protesting the remarks of Priya Saha to US President Donald Trump.

The government also condemned her remarks in the strongest possible terms.

Saha, an organising secretary of the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, attended the Second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom meeting at the White House in Washington, DC on July 16-19.