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TIB demands exemplary accountability, compensation to Jahalam

  • Published at 11:40 pm July 14th, 2019
File photo of jute factory worker Jahalam, who has spent the last three years in jail instead of the real accused in 33 graft cases Focus Bangla

Innocent Jahalam languished in jail for three years because of wrongful conviction by the ACC officials

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) has demanded to bring every single person, responsible for Jahalam’s wrongful accusation, under exemplary accountability.

Expressing concern over the responsibility of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officials in the wrongful identification of Jahalam, and demanding compensation, the anti graft campaigner said if the ACC can manage the compensation for Jahalam, it will help prevent repetition of similar activities in the near future.

Innocent Jahalam languished in jail for three years because of wrongful conviction by the ACC officials.

On July 11, an internal probe report of the ACC revealed that "mistake" by the investigation officers of the anti-graft watchdog resulted in the wrongful conviction of Jahalam.

“Identifying the responsibility of the internal defects, the ACC report reflects the expectations of the people. But on the other hand, it is a matter of deep concern too,” said Iftekharuzzaman, executive director at TIB, in a media release issued on Sunday.

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“Opportunities are created to mete out justice to Jahalam with the ACC report, it also showed a wide range of deficit in ensuring transparency, accountability, and zero tolerance on corruption in the internal controlling system of the anti-graft watchdog,” Dr Iftekhar added.

"This report will help bring people’s confidence on this specialized organization which is responsible for the prevention of corruption," he said.

For the failure of the ACC officials, TIB has demanded to check the possibility of connections between the main criminal gang, and the ACC officials, if any.

According to the July 11 report, investigation officers' reports on Jahalam's so-called loan fraud, was based on the information divulged by Bangladesh Bank, and Sonali Bank.

Earlier, Jahalam was sued in 33 cases over loan fraud, and embezzlement of Tk18.5 crore from Sonali Bank Limited, leading to his incarceration for three years.

He was freed from jail on February 4 after the High Court acquitted him in 26 cases in which charges had been pressed.

The jute mill worker had been in jail since February 2016, while the real accused, Abu Salek, is still absconding.