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Abandoned female newborn named 'Mehrin'

  • Published at 12:15 am May 24th, 2019
This newborn was found in Dhaka Shishu Hospital common bathroom near Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Collected

The newborn has been named Mehrin by Jublee Ranu, deputy superintendent of Chotomoni Nibash

The 3-day-old baby who was left abandoned at a public bathroom of the Dhaka Shishu Hospital on May 16 has been given the name "Mehrin". 

Although a number of childless couples showed interest to adopt her, the hospital authorities handed her over to the Chotomoni Nibash in Dhaka's Azimpur, for better care.

While taking to Dhaka Tribune, Jublee Ranu, deputy superintendent the government-run childcare home, who named the infant, said, "Everyday people are coming to us to adopt the baby. I’m finding it difficult as they get adamant to take the baby with them.” 

"Mehrin is very adorable," she said adding that just after the baby was found, it became a talk of the town, which drives many childless parents to the home with a desire to adopt her, and it continues.

But, the custody seekers have to leave empty-handed from the Shishumoni Nibash as the matter will be determined by the court.

Moreover, people are coming everyday and wait on the staircases to have a look at the baby. "Some of them want to enter into the baby's room forcefully to see her. We are just going crazy trying to handle them,” she said.

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Poly Begum, who spotted the infant for the first time, also wants to adopt the baby, said the custodian.

She (Poly) is adamant to get the baby, said Ranu adding: "Everyday she comes here and says that she had touched the baby first time. So, she's only she has the right."

Further, people are applying to the Family Court to adopt the baby, Ranu continued saying, "So far, we have received three letters from a Dhaka court in this regard."

When Mehrin was brought so that this correspondent could have a look, she was covered with a little Katha (a piece of cloth), having long hair on her forehead, and also ‘beautiful’.

Being deprived of breast milk, Mehrin is currently being fed with Biomil-1 (a serial prepared for newborns), she said.

"She takes 30ml serial each time within a two-hour interval. When she cries, an attendant takes the baby on her lap and feeds her,” she added.

Mehrin is being raised along with 20 other children in Chotomoni Nibash, where she has her own cot. There are lady attendants who take care of the babies.