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95% of public transport passengers suffer in traffic during Ramadan

  • Published at 09:39 pm May 18th, 2019
WEB- Traffic Congestion
Heavy gridlock can be seen in one of the roads of Dhaka city during the month of Ramadan due to a change in office schedules on Saturday, May 18, 2019 Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune

Around 90% of  passengers are dissatisfied with the public transport system

Around 95% of passengers using public transport in Dhaka are suffering in the chaos of Ramadan traffic due to a change in office schedules during the month. 

Dhaka’s passengers reported they mostly suffer between 3pm and 6:30pm, according to a survey released yesterday by the passenger welfare platform, Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity.

The survey found that 98% of buses charge extra fare under pretext of offering "seating service," and 97% of buses and minibuses lock their doors during the Iftar rush hour. 

Around 90% of  passengers are dissatisfied with the public transport system.

100% of CNG run auto-rickshaws are running on a contractual basis, charging 3-4 times more than the usual fare. Moreover, 93% of CNG run auto-rickshaws reject passengers, refusing to take them to their desired destinations.

Motorcycles registered with ride-sharing services are charging 3-4 times higher fares after 4pm, without registering their trips on the ridesharing app.

36% of passengers said they have to ride buses standing, despite paying higher fees for their so called "seating service."

93% of the commuters have no idea about where to complain, while 90% say they do not complain as they doubt complaining would yield any results.