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Pathao announces 3 improvements to app

  • Published at 01:58 pm April 28th, 2019
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Changes have been made to the pick-up point screen, during trip display, and feedback system

Ride-sharing and delivery platform Pathao has announced three major improvements to their app, with the aim of increasing the convenience and safety of users.

According to a Pathao press release, changes have been made to the pick-up point screen, during trip display, and feedback system.

The pick-up point screen now includes a safety features button on the top right corner, which allows app users to share their location and contact emergency services. The screen has also been simplified and now shows only the shortest distance that the rider has to take to reach the pick-up point, instead of a static view where the entire route was visible along with the rider’s current location.

Furthermore, the vehicle registration number and model are displayed, to make locating the vehicle easier.

Meanwhile, the during trip display now contains information about the rider on a card that can be pulled up by the app user at any time. The pull-up card also includes a larger map with a zoom feature.

In addition, Pathao has reintroduced a five-star rating system instead of the previous ‘like and dislike’ model, making it easier for customers to provide detailed ratings. A set of predetermined comments may also be selected by the app user, and the comments change depending on the rating. The feedback system also includes an ‘other’ tab, which includes details on the ride should the user wish to file a complaint.