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‘Wasa water is perfectly drinkable’

  • Published at 08:43 pm April 20th, 2019
Wasa Managing Director Taksim A Khan | File Photo

The Wasa MD categorically denied all allegations of irregularities mentioned in a TIB report

The managing director of Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) claimed its water supplied in Dhaka is hundred percent drinkable according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline.

Wasa MD Taksim A Khan rejected the recent Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) report that claimed city residents have to burn gas worth Tk332.37 crore per annum in order to make the supplied water drinkable.

He issued his rebuttal at a press briefing at Dhaka Reporter’s Unity on Saturday.

On the issue of burning natural gas, he said the Wasa earns Tk400 crore by raising revenue income and another Tk200 crore by cutting system loss, stressing that the TIB study did not mention these figures.  

A stunning 51.5% of all Wasa consumers in Dhaka reported their water supply was visibly filthy, while 41.4% complained their water smelled terrible, as per the TIB report released on April 17.

Taksim accused the TIB of conducted a “one-sided and motivated” survey that not professional.

“This information is completely hypothetical and unreliable. All of the 1.72 crore people living in the city do not drink water after boiling in. There is even no need to boil the water,” he said.

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Taksim said Wasa collected 243 samples from different parts of Dhaka over November 11-19 and found the standard of water satisfactory.

Sometimes, contaminated water is found in some old supply line but the authorities fix the problem immediately, he added.

He also claimed that 100% of deep tube-well water, 84.38% of supply-line ware and 60.28% water in customer's reservoir have been found to be safe.

Terming the TIB study as fictitious and unrealistic, Taksim rejected the statement that said 62% Dhaka Wasa users suffered irregularities, harassment and corruption.

According to the survey findings, 86.2% of Dhaka Wasa customers had to pay bribe to Wasa officials directly, while 15.8% paid bribe to brokers in order to get service.

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During the survey, 36.1% of survey seekers complained of having to pay bribe; 51.3% said they were victims of negligence; 20.7% suffered delay in service; 23% were subjected to absurd billing; and 3.8% were victims of meter tampering or other such corruption.

Regarding the findings, Taskim said: “There is no scope for irregularities as consumers can apply online for a connection."