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Anti-drug campaign: Raid conducted in Mohammadpur, over 100 held

  • Published at 10:42 am March 22nd, 2019
Rapid Action Battalion conducts an anti-drug drive, with the aid of a dog squad, in the Mohammadpur area of Dhaka on Friday, march 22, 2019 >strong>Courtesy

RAB Media Wing Director Mufti Mahmud Khan confirmed the matter on Friday

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has conducted an anti-drug drive at the Geneva Camp in Mohammadpur area of Dhaka. 

Confirming the matter to the Dhaka Tribune on Friday, RAB Media Wing Director Mufti Mahmud Khan said: “As part of the anti-drug campaign—which began in May last year according to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's directive—a special drive was conducted at the Geneva Camp in Mohammadpur.

“The drive was launched around 5:30am, and ended on 11am on Friday. So far, more than 100 suspects, both men and women, have been detained and a significant number of illegal narcotics have been seized in the area. We received intelligence on the matter, the locals also provided us with important information.”

The RAB official added: “The dog squad, which was brought as part of the special drive, has performed very well. We searched 13 spots of that area. We seized a huge cache of yaba pills, marijuana and phensedyl.”

When asked whether any top listed criminals have been detained in the ongoing raid, the RAB director said: “Full scrutiny of the detained suspects is yet to be conducted. We will be able to determine their identities later. 

“However, we suspect that at least eight to ten yaba dealers are among the detained suspects. These dealers may be in charge of a small group.”

Rapid Action Battalion starts the drive around 6am on Friday |Collected He said few of the detainees were arrested before, but they keep going back to the illegal business.

“However, the situation is better than before in that area. We will be conducting anti-drug drives in several other spots in Dhaka,” Mufti Mahmud Khan said.

Earlier on June 20, 2018, around 300 members of Tejgaon division police, Detective Branch and special action groups with the help of a dog squad, conducted an anti-drug drive at Mohammadpur’s Geneva camp.

During the drive, police cordoned off the entire Geneva camp area before searching the building, which was suspected to be used by drug dealers. A number of the suspected drug dealers had attempted to flee after locking their rooms; police had to break into 20-25 such locked rooms.

A total of 51 suspected dealers and users were detained from the location, and 700 yaba pills were recovered.

Before that, over 150 members of RAB conducted an operation in the same area on May 26, 2018. The authorities seized large quantities of narcotics and detained over 100 people.