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DMP chief says no arrests without warrant

  • Published at 08:40 pm January 28th, 2019
Mass Arrest
On November 7, BNP submitted a list of 1,046 cases filed between September 1 and November 6 to the Prime Minister’s Office, claiming these cases are false, fabricated, and politically motivated Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

The commissioner also said police are working to identify false cases which may have led to the arrests of innocents

On Sunday, DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia claimed that the police are no longer arresting people under Section 54 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Section 54 stipulates that police can arrest people without warrant under a set of prevailing circumstances, several of which has been accused of being misused.

The DMP chief was addressing newly-elected leaders of the Crime Reporters’ Association of Bangladesh when he made the announcement.

He said: “Requisitioning vehicles, arresting people without a warrant, and accusing people in cases when they are on trial already leads to a negative perception of the police. So these things have been ended for good.”

The commissioner also said that police are working to identify false cases which may have led to the arrests of innocents.

Earlier this week, a national daily reported that a jute mill worker had been arrested and imprisoned for three years in 33 cases. The worker, Jahlam, was wrongly identified as a man who committed fraud with Sonali Bank and got away with over Tk16 crore.

The police and the Anti-Corruption Commission filed charges against Jahlam despite all the paperwork indicating another man – Abu Salek – because the latter used a made up permanent address where the former actually lived.

The High Court has summoned a director from the ACC and secretaries from the Law and Home ministries to explain why Jahlam’s wrongful imprisonment should not be declared illegal.