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Daughter recounts horrific details of father murdering an infant

  • Published at 01:01 am January 10th, 2019
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Nahid threw infant from the second floor of a building in Gandaria, Dhaka on Sunday

After police arrested Nahid Hossain for allegedly killing a two-and-a-half year old infant for attempted rape and murder, his daughter has recounted the incident to the police as witness. 

Nahid threw infant from the second floor of a building in Gandaria, Dhaka on Sunday.

Police arrested him while he tried to escape by jumping off the roof and fracturing his foot when he made a landing. He is currently recovering at a hospital under police surveillance. 

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Wari Division Farid Uddin Ahmed told reporters at press briefing in DMP media centre, on Wednesday. 

Nahid, police said, still denies his involvement but the DC said: “After primary investigation, we found that the infant was taken by him to be raped and killed.”

“He is very clever. He has not confessed to the crime but we retrieved the infant’s clothing and the doll she was carrying from his house,” the DC said.

“Speaking to his daughter, we later had a much clearer picture of what had transpired,” he added. 

Police said Nahid’s daughter has given a court witness statement. 

In her testimony, the young girl said that she heard a child cry from her father’s room. As she entered, she saw the infant sitting on her father’s lap crying for her mother. 

Nahid, whose first wife passed away, yelled at his daughter telling her to leave. 

After she went back to her room, his daughter said she heard a loud thud and looked out the window to see the body of the infant lying on the streets. 

Police has said that Nahid whose second wife left him is a suspected pedophile.

The relatives of the infant and locals have both accused Nahid of raping her. 

Residents in the area held a protest against Nahid and they demanded justice for the child.