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Aritry suicide: Father blames class teacher, students say scapegoat

  • Published at 11:34 pm December 11th, 2018
Viqarunnisa students' protests
Students from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College protest against the suicide of a fellow classmate in front of the entrance of the institution's main branch at Bailey Road in Dhaka, on December 5, 2018 Dhaka Tribune

Dilip Adhikary says his daughter committed suicide because her class teacher shamed her

Aritry Adhikary, a class IX student of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, committed suicide because her class teacher had humiliated and shamed her in front of her parents, her father Dilip Adhikary has claimed.

 “The class teacher scolded my daughter in front of me and my wife and told her she should die out of shame because she cheated during her exam,” Dilip told the Dhaka Tribune over phone on Monday.

 “Hasna Hena [the class teacher] is responsible for Aritry’s death,” the grieving father claimed just days after a court granted conditional bail to Hasna.

Hasna was arrested by police from the city’s Uttara after Dilip had filed a case accusing her along with the school’s then acting principal and morning shift in charge of instigating his daughter to commit suicide. 

Some of the students and colleagues, however, have got different view on Hasna and cast doubt whether she has been made a scapegoat. Some also wonder what was taking police so long in arresting the two co-accused –the then acting principal Nazneen Ferdous, and morning shift in-charge Zinat Akhtar. 

Aritry hanged herself from her room’s ceiling on December 3, after she and her parents were summoned to the school because Aritry was caught carrying mobile phone into an examination hall during exams, which is strictly prohibited.

 Hasna is one of the three accused in the case Dilip filed over her daughter’s suicide with Paltan police station on December 4, and the only one arrested.

 The Detective Branch (DB) of police arrested her in Uttara on December 5. She was in jail for three days before she was granted conditional bail.

Arrest of Hasna without arresting the prime and second accused has sparked protest and some of the Viqarunnisa students waged movement seeking their teacher’s release. Finally she got her bail on Sunday evening after three days of detention at jail. 

Hasna’s lawyer Jahangir Alam Chowdhury said according to the case statement there is no specific allegation against her client.

He said Hasna was not on duty when Aritry was caught in exam hall with a mobile phone in her possession. 

The case statement said that she asked them (Aritry and her parents) to sit in her room and later took them to the room of the shift-in-charge. She did not rebuke the girl and her parents, Hasna’s lawyer claimed. 

Asked why he did not mention his claim of Hasna asking Aritry to die in shame in the case statement, Dilip said after such tragic end of her daughter’s life he was not in a state of mind to mention everything specifically in the case statement. 

Though Hasna got arrested in promptness and later got conditional bail, more than a week after Aritry’s death, police are yet to arrest the prime and second accused of the case. Aritry’s parents, friends and their guardians alleged that police role in investigation is questionable. They are not arresting the main accused intentionally, they alleged.

However, the investigating agency said they are in search of other two accused. DB joint Commissioner Mahbub Alam said his team is working hard to arrest other two accused. 

Onabi Islam, a student of the school, told the Dhaka Tribune from the beginning “we are saying that only the responsible persons should be arrested and no other teacher should be made a scapegoat.” 

Aminul Islam, parent of a student, who also had joined the protest demanding release of Hasna from jail, said he used to know the teacher for many years as a humble person and he doubted that the teacher in question is being made a victim of the circumstances. 

A colleague of Hasna’s asked for a proper investigation to identify if she is to be blamed or not.  

Aritry’s father differed with such sympathetic views on Hasna Hena saying she might have been popular to most of the students and parents but “we were witness to her injustice to us.”