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How did Mainul Hosein spend his first night in jail?

  • Published at 01:48 am October 24th, 2018
File photo of Barrister Mainul Hosein Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

As soon as he was taken to Keraniganj Central Jail yesterday, he was put in the “Amdani Ward,” a ward with no chair or bed

Barrister Mainul Hosein, a former adviser to the caretaker government, spent his first day and night in jail like the other ordinary prisoners.

As soon as he was taken to Keraniganj Central Jail yesterday, he was put in the “Amdani Ward,” a ward with no chair or bed.

Sources in the jail said as per the jail rule, prisoners is placed in Amdani Ward on their first night in the jail, where their names and other details are recorded before they are transferred to a regular ward or cell.

Prison officials said Mainul was put in the same ward with ordinary prisoners as there was no court directive issued to provide him with special facilities.

“He will be staying with the other ordinary prisoners since there is no instruction from the court on his treatment. If the court issues any directive, we will act in accordance with that,” Keraniganj jailer Mahbubul Islam told the Dhaka Tribune.

Responding to a query on whether Mainul had applied for any division status, Mahbubul said no application had been made.

Mainul, also the publisher and editorial board chief of the Daily New Nation, was sent to jail after a Dhaka court rejected his bail petition and sent him to jail in a defamation case filed with a Rangpur court on Monday. He was arrested late Monday night by the Detective Branch of police in Uttara, Dhaka. 

Will Mainul be eligible for a division?

Rule 617 of the Jail Code says those who are well-mannered and non-habitual offenders, and maintain a high standard of living because of social dignity, education and practice and do not carry explosives or firearms, are not convicted in offences related to properties or provoking others to commit such crimes, will qualify for Division I treatment in jail.

Besides, Rule 617 (2) stipulates that convicts of higher social status, education and habit of high living standard are qualified for Division II.

Those responsible for making the categories will be authorized to put inmates under categories based on their characters and identities.

Those who are not included in Divisions I and II will be provided with Division III treatment.

The court has to send a primary recommendation to the Ministry of Home Affairs for approval or reconsideration regarding providing an inmate with Division I or II status.